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Soil Working




Compare the Professional Series Tractors

Differences between 732/739 and 853/749:

- Handle Length     The 853/749 has longer handles, by about 7 inches

- Individual Wheel Brakes     The 853/749 are the only tractors with brakes

- Power     The 853/749 has 13HP over the 732/739 which has 11HP Honda(except Kohler is 9.5HP)


Differences between 853/732 and 749/739:

- Oil Bath Transmission and Clutch     The 749/739 Transmission and clutch operate in oil,  853/732 oil transmission, dry clutch

- Tractor Max. Speed     The 853/732 has maximum speed 8.3MPH forward over 749/739 that is only 3.1MPH

- Transmission Clutch Warranty     The 749/739 has a 5-year clutch warranty, over the 2-year 853/732's(personal use only)

Made in Italy, BCS two wheel tractors can

operate over 15 different attachments from Tillers and

Lawn Mowers to Splitters and Utility Trailers   

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