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The Ridger implement allows BCS owners to create ridges and furrows in previously tilled soil.  So after the seedbed has been prepared by a BCS tiller, the Ridger can move the loose soil to the desired height and position.


When two Ridgers are attached to the Straight Bar Tool Cultivator, the operator can leave a width of undisturbed soil, thus creating a walkway between the two rows of hilled crops.


The Ridger easily slides and fastens onto any Tool Carrier accessory and is height-adjustable, set by a bolt on the preferred Tool Carrier.


Required Accessory:  Tool Carrier Kit
Recommended Accessory:  Wheel Weights, Straight Bar Cultivator


Pricing is based on current, best pricing, some of which is only valid to a certain quantity we may have left in stock. Call or email us to ensure we have the particular unit your interested in, in-stock, and reserve it for yourself.


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