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The STIHL KombiSystem is a complete family of multi-task tools composed of different power heads and numerous attachments. The split-shaft design lets you quickly and easily change attachments. First, choose the KombiEngine best suited to your required performance from our range of five drive units: the KombiEngine KM 56 RC-E with easy starting function, the more powerful KombiEngine KM 91 R, KM 94 R or KM 111 R or the top of the range KombiEngine KM 131 R. All but the KM 56 RC-E (stratified scavenging) are equipped with the revolutionary STIHL 4-MIX engine. Then, you can choose which one (or more) of our attachments you wish to use with it. As your landscaping needs change, you can expand and adapt your KombiSystem with the attachments required. Your STIHL authorized dealer will be happy to help you and can also supply all available combinations.


Cost of kombi system power heads individually:

KM 56 RC-E - $279.95

KM 91 R - $429.95

KM 94 R - $429.95

KM 111 R - $489.95

KM131 R - $529.95


Cost of individual Kombi System tools:

FSB - KM Curved shaft trimmer                                   $ 89.95

FS - KM Line Head Trimmer                                           $119.95

FS - KM Brushcutter with 4 tooth grass blade       $129.95

FCS - KM straight lawn edger                                       $249.95

FCB - KM curved lawn edger                                         $144.95

RG - KM Reciprocator (curcular trimmer head)     $429.95

BG - KM Blower                                                                   $159.95

HL - KM straight hedge trimmer 0°                            $229.95

HL - KM Adjustable Hedge Trimmer                          $339.95

HT - KM Pole Pruner                                                          $279.95

BF - KM Mini Cultivator                                                    $259.95

FH - KM Adjustable Power Scythe                              $329.95

FBD - KM Bed Re-definer                                                $349.95

KB - KM Bristle Brush                                                       $364.95

KW - KM PowerSweep                                                     $434.95

KM Drive Tube Extension                                               $99.95

KM Carbon Fibre Shaft Extension                              $179.95

Kombi System

  • Individual pricing available for all attachments listed, see instore for details or get intouch via our contact page.

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