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Fuel Delivery

Products available by truck(select products available select times of year):

- Furnace Oil

- Stove Oil

- Bronze Gasoline

- V-Power Gasoline

- Marked Diesel

- Road Diesel

- Diesel Extra

- Generator Diesel

Earn Air Miles upon request on Furnace Oil!

Contact our Fuels Desk for daily updated pricing and terms.

Lubricants are available by delivery with a Fuel Delivery.

Customers in the Glencairn and Collingwood Area, we are also happy to recommend our partner companies Stephens Fuels and Collingwood Fuels.





Ontario Petroleum Transporters and Technicians Association

- What consumers need to know about oil heating, equipment and transportation

Shell LubeMatch 

- A Search System designed to help find the right oil for each users application

Shell Virtual Assistant 

- Ask Quickly for a Technical Data Sheet on a shell product and more

Shell Motorists Information 

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Shell Links and Resources

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