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Multiply the PTO speed, multiply the possibilities!

Technically, the Power Cradle is a mini-transmission attached to the BCS tractor's power take-off (PTO) shaft that increases the maximum speed of the PTO from 990 to 3600 revolutions per minute (RPM).  It's required to operate the Log Splitter, Pressure Washer, and Water Transfer Pump attachments.  

The Power Cradle, with its built-in quick coupler, enables attachments that require the faster operating speed to be installed and removed quickly and with very little effort.

Functionally, by duplicating the speed of the engine crankshaft, the possibility exists to power any and all tools that would normally be powered directly by an engine of equal horsepower.

Like BCS's tractor transmission, this mini-transmission features heat-treated steel gears and shafts, supported by embedded ball bearings, and runs in oil bath.

Mounting attachments to the Power Cradle is quick and convenient. The output shaft of the Power Cradle features the Quick Hitch bushing, and the male tang is an integral part of each attachment.

Instead of purchasing a Pressure Washer with its own engine and a Log Splitter with its own engine, you can purchase both these tools as attachments for your BCS tractor.  Save on storage space, reduce your engine maintenance headaches, enable your tools to be self-propelled, and gain the ability to have the engine run independently of the tool.

Power Cradle

SKU: 92257880K
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