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Swap bar for 16", 18", 20", 24", 28", or 32", solid bar. All options available in replacable tip, DuromaticⓇand options 20"+ in light with replacable tip. Charges may apply. May not have all bar options in stock.


The NEW MS 462 C-M and MS 462 C-M R chain saws are perfectly matched for the needs of timber harvesting. Their unique design make them suitable for limbing and working on tough slopes. Equipped with STIHL’s impressive M-Tronic™ fully electronic engine management system, regulating the ignition timing and fuel supply. Other benefits include high engine performance, fast acceleration and optimum handling. NOTE: The Arctic™ versions, MS 462 C-M A and MS 462 C-M AR, will not be available until February 2019. 


Pricing is based on current, best pricing, some of which is only valid to a certain quantity we may have left in stock. Call or email us to ensure we have the particular unit your interested in, in-stock, and reserve it for yourself.

MS 462 C-M

  • Displacement (cc) 72.2
    Power output kW 4.4
    Weight (kg / lbs) 1) 6.0 / 13.2
    Featured price bar (in) 20 Light


    1) without fuel, bar and chain 


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